Anne's garden is on a private property in Stratford, CT.

The owner has made a clever use of shade-loving plants to create a visually pleasant landscape under large trees.

Permission was granted by the owner to take photos of her garden for publication on this website.

Anne's garden overview - Stratford, CT
The garden
Delicate foliage with bromeliad - Anne's garden, Stratford, CT
Delicate foliage with bromeliad
A fern native to Australia - Anne's garden, Stratford, CT
A fern native to Australia
Flowering vine - Anne's garden, STratford, CT
Flowering vine
Oakleaf hydrangea - Anne's garden, Stratford, CT
Oakleaf hydrangea
Old tree trunk - Anne's garden, Stratford, CT
Old tree trunk
Periwindle bed - Anne's garden, Stratford, CT
Periwindle bed
Trained tree in Anne's garden - Stratford, CT
Trained tree
Shade-loving plants in Anne's garden - Stratford, CT
Shade-loving plants
Shasta viburnum in Anne's Garden - Stratford, CT
Shasta viburnum
Trumpet vine blooms, attractive to hummingbirds - Anne's garden, Stratford, CT
Trumpet vine blooms
Wisteria fruit pods - Anne's garden, Stratford, CT
Wisteria fruit pods
Blue bouquet, 5 x 7 oil painting by Clemence St. Laurent

For beautiful flower paintings, please visit this website:

Any shady area in a garden is a welcome haven for beneficial animals such as toads, garter snakes and salamanders.