The Hill-Stead Museum has a very interesting garden for visitors to enjoy

The Hill-Stead Museum is a colonial style house built in 1901 by architect Theodate Pope for her father. It is located in Farmington.

Several of the rooms are open to visitors and display collections of fine art and furnishings.

The grounds around the museum were landscaped by Warren Manning and feature, among other attractions, a 'ha-ha' wall and an octagonal flower garden. A ha-ha wall is a type of construction that is preserving the view while providing a barrier.

The Welcome sign, Hill-Stead Museum - Farmington, CT
Landscaped garden, Hill-Stead Museum - Farmington, CT
Landscaped garden
The central gazebo, Hill-Stead Museum - Farmington, CT
The central gazebo
Section of the ha-ha wall, Hill-Stead Museum - Farmington, CT
Part of the ha-ha wall
The central garden section - Hill-Stead Museum, Farmington, CT
The central garden section
Small tree with seed pods - Hill-Stead Museum, Farmington, CT
Small tree with seed pods
Heart-warming bouquet, 4 x 5 oil painting by Clemence St. Laurent

For beautiful painted landscapes and flowers, please visit this website: