The Roosevelt Forest covers more than 400 acres close to Stratford, CT

The Roosevelt Forest is located in Stratford and covers about 400 acres to the north of the town.

It was created under the Work Projects Administration initiated by president Franklin D. Roosevelt. Stratford is one of the rare towns or cities to have such a large expanse of forest within their boundaries.

The forest is used for conservation, recreation and education

The pond near the entrance has an artificial islet in the middle. It was added to provide a sheltered nesting area for waterfowl. So if you visit that forest and see the pond island moving, it's not an illusion - just the wind pushing around that floating island.

Roosevelt Forest pond with the moving island in the middle - Stratford, CT
Pond with the moving island in the middle

By the Lake, 16 x 20 oil painting of a summer forest by Clemence St. Laurent

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